Friday, October 24, 2014

The Most Important Validation Needed in Our Lives

My name is Elizabeth. I attended LCC and graduated just this past May. I now attend Rhodes State College as a part of the Radiographic Imaging program. I was named the 2014 Allen County Fair Queen and I received several scholarships for my hard work in school. I can honestly tell you I am proud of myself. Can you say the same about yourself? Or better yet, can you say that God is proud of you? That’s a hard one for me to be honest about.
Me (one the right) and my amazing royalty family during the Fair

We, as teens and as people of the 21st century, are so caught up on what everyone thinks of us; if they like us, if they approve of us, if they liked our post, or if they message us back. We spend so much time worrying about how we look in our selfies, posting them on Instagram, and getting notifications every time someone likes it or comments, “OMG, you’re perfect!!!” or “I wish I was as pretty as you!!” When people do these things in response to our selfies or whatever we posted that day, doesn’t that make us feel good? Doesn’t it boost your self-esteem? But, what happens when we only get a few likes, or no one comments about how pretty we are? That makes us doubt our self-worth. Sometimes, we even delete the post because we are embarrassed about it. 

 Selfie on our way to Steubenville 2014!!!

I don’t really have this problem. I seldom take selfies, and when I do, I usually think they are too bad to post on the internet. I don’t have the self-confidence to even try to get others’ validation. I admire those who have that confidence but I’m glad that I don’t look for the validation that I look good from others, I look for it from myself. Yes, I need to learn to be more self-confident, and I am working on that every day.

 I am not saying that you shouldn’t post on social media when you feel pretty or you want to share some awesome news with your friends, but I am saying don’t do it for the validation that you look pretty or that people are happy for you. Do it because if reflects God. The only validation we need is His, and everything we put out there for people to see, should reflect His love and pride in us. Be proud of yourself, and happy in your skin, don’t let the responses of others in likes or comments make or break your day. Just be content and happy with what God has given you and know that He loves you and is proud of you.